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5 Reasons to schedule a Massage

There are a hundred different reasons for getting a massage, but we’re going to give you five reasons to schedule your massage today!

1. Relieve Stress: - it seems simple enough as a reason, but stress can have a massive physical and emotional toll. Relieving or even reducing stress has been known to help your immune system, sleep better, and improve mood and behavior. We’ve got a few blogs up now about the impacts of stress and how massage can help, but why wait to see the results for yourself?

2. Alleviates Chronic Pain: - Chronic pain can, at the very least, stop you from enjoying life and can also stop you from working. We’re not claiming one session of massage will be a magical cure to help your pain, but we understand the body, how the body processes pain, and how you can use massage to manage it. Studies have shown that massage can reduce Chronic pain considerably and improve the quality of life for those who have been long-term suffers.

3. Decrease Migraine Frequency: - we get migraines for a multitude of reasons, but they’re impossible to ignore and can be intolerable. Through reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and other forms of massage, we can manage the migraines and relax your body so that you’re not suffering anymore.

4. Increase Range of Motion and Enhance Exercise Performance: - this is another long-term goal that can be achieved with regular massages, but we’d love the opportunity to prove to you the difference a massage can make before your big game or sports event. International sportsmen have been using massage for their players for years. This is your chance to gain that advantage on your competition.

5. Variety to suit: - with so many massage techniques at our disposal, you’re in safe hands and can have a massage to suit your comfort level. The Hydrotherm massage means you can be face up and still make the most of your massage time. Massage can be in our Therapy room in Dover or Massage at Home if you live withing Dover, Deal or Folkestone.

What are you waiting for?

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