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Why choose Deep Tissue Massage for pain

Deep Tissue Massage is an effective collection of massage techniques which release tension deep in your muscles, and can help ease pain if used regularly. Comparable to a Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue massage uses slow, firm strokes, concentrating pressure and following the shape of muscles and tendons.

One of the massage techniques included in Deep Tissue is ‘Trigger Point Therapy,’ which manipulates blood flow to certain muscles, causing more oxygen to be drawn into the muscles and warming. There is also ‘Cupping’, ‘Cross-fibre Friction’ and ‘Myofascial’ which incorporates acupressure and aromatherapy. Deep Tissue massage techniques are often associated with sports injuries, as they repair the damage and help with the pain throughout a sportsperson’s career. However, they’ll also beneficial for people who have chronic muscle tension. Deep Tissue massage can also alleviate symptoms and underlying causes of pain which may currently hinder your well being.

This is not the kind of massage you book at a Spa retreat to feel relaxed; this is a professional, muscular massage which targets specific problem areas. We will talk you through any problems you might have, any injuries or muscle strain, so that we can best help you. This is also not the kind of massage which necessarily require oils and we can work to your schedule – at home, at work or pitch side. The length of the session will depend on what you need, and we recommend booking several sessions over six weeks to see lasting improvements. This is not a ‘fix overnight’ massage, but studies have shown that even a ten-minute massage after a training session can reduce inflammation and aid recovery, and that ongoing massage is clinically recognised as beneficial beyond soothing aches and pains.

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