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The Harmony Therapy Trust 10th anniversary

The Harmony Therapy Trust is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and are my charity of choice. They are ‘passionate about helping the seriously ill, whether because of chronic illness, cancer or into recovery, be the best they can be. Help bridge the gap between medical treatment, and the road to well-being,’ and I’m proud to be a therapist in association with them. We service most of Kent, and the service is free to beneficiaries. ‘A life-altering illness does not recognise gender, race, or religion – nor do we.’

The Trust currently works with over a hundred therapists throughout Kent and have treated thousands of people since the Trust started in 2010. Due to the work being done, the Trust can only accept therapists whose practices are acceptable by the NHS and their lead referrals come through GPs, Oncology Departments, Senior Clinical Nurses and Macmillan (among others). I’m still a self-employed therapist, I’m simply donating my time to those who need the therapy, using my knowledge in Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage and many others you will have already seen on this blog. This symbiotic relationship means any of my clients can trust the service they receive from me, regardless of whether they were introduced to me through The Harmony Therapy Trust or another source. To be a therapist with the Trust, you also need certificates guaranteeing your qualifications, a DBS certificate for the protection of the beneficiaries and certificates of insurance as well as voluntary membership of a registered professional body. We are trained professionals who are helping people in desperate need of care. We take our responsibility very seriously, and it’s an honour to be part of such a wonderful organisation.

So why am I telling you this? Well, other than to promote the work done by The Harmony Therapy Trust and all the therapists under their umbrella, I want each one of my clients to feel safe in my care, no matter their situation. I want you to know that my qualifications put me ahead of other therapists who aren’t able to join the Trust and that I’m able to provide home visits when so many therapists can’t. More important than any of that, I want you to be able to ask any question regarding the work I do and how I can help you. So, please, do get in touch -

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