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Pregnancy Pains and You!

Wherever you turn, there’s a book, article or website explaining the aches and pains of pregnancy. You may not have noticed them before you were pregnant, but now they’re a constant reminder that the aches and pains in your back, abdomen, groin area and thighs are just symptoms you should get used to. ‘As your uterus expands…’ this and ‘pelvic bone pressure…’ that. But pain doesn’t need to be part of your daily life. In fact, at Soothicity, we believe it should not be, and we’d like to talk to you about how massage can help alleviate and prevent pain.

Many women have backaches and aching near the pelvic bone due to increased weight and loosening joints. Your body is moving and morphing to carry and protect another life. Some women also develop Sciatica, the pain that runs from the lower back down one leg to the knee, or foot. It can make it difficult to move, difficult to stay still, and mostly it’s incredibly painful in between. Everyone experiences these pains differently and, for some, the pain can be quite debilitating. This is where the Hydrotherm massage comes in.

Hydrotherm is a company that created cushions and chairs which heat up, relaxing the muscles in your back just from laying on them and specialist techniques that allow massage without the need for you to turn over. If you have mobility problems, disabilities or you’re struggling to move due to pregnancy, or can’t lie on your front, the heat pads will help slowly warm the muscles and allow them to relax. The cushions warm to a ‘cosy 38°C’ and are beneficial for neck pain, lower-back aches, and stiff muscles.

The cushions are filled with water, designed to distribute your weight and create the perfect spinal alignment. Releasing tension in your joints.

You shouldn’t have to suffer through your pregnancy, and regular massages can help prepare your body for the extra weight and changes it’s going through. This is not an ‘overnight’ miracle cure, but an effective way of dealing with the pain and preventing further discomfort in the future, allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy, not just put up with it.

Soothicity will be offering specialist Pregnancy Massage at our premises in Dover. Book now using the link below:

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