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Natural Deodorant Good - Antiperspirant Bad!

After using Soothicity's All Natural Deodorant for a little over 4 weeks now, I've been asked to write about my experiences.

I am a naturally sweaty man, I have been since I was about 16 years old. It seemed almost as if as soon as my body finished Puberty my hormones opened the sweat gland floodgates, giving me huge damp patches under my arms like Indiana Jones' and a smell like overcooked hamburgers. For most of my life I've worked in jobs where damp patches showed through my work shirts and gave a poor impression...

Naturally I switched to the most reliable Antiperspirant I could find (remembering adverts of muscle men running through jungles with a non sweaty tick on their backs), 'sure' that I was making the right choice and that it 'won't let me down'; I've stuck with the same brand for around 35 years...

That is until recently... When Soothicity trialled their all natural, Vegan, Palm Oil Free, Plastic Free, Cruelty Free products, I gave the natural deodorant a go. Armed with the knowledge that it wouldn't stop me sweating, I had the confidence to try it as I wasn't leaving the house anytime soon due to Coronavirus Lockdown and Working From Home.

And sure enough, it didn't stop me sweating, in fact I think to start with it increased the amount of sweat, but I didn't stink, quite the opposite in fact, it seemed the more I sweated, the better I smelled, so I did a little research and found that sweating is actually your body's way of detoxifying and the smell is caused by bacteria... Yuck! I was also relieved to learn that this is natural during detox and it will abate eventually... Phew!

After about a week the torrents of sweat eased from the Waterfall to a babbling brook and another week later to no more than a damping of the skin. The reason being was that my body was finally able to clear out all the toxins and heavy metals that had been trapped by years of clogging my pores with Aluminium from the Antiperspirant (one of the same toxins that my poor body was trying to expel!)

Now four weeks later, we've just suffered the hottest couple of days so far this year, yet I remained fresh, less fatigued and possibly cooler than normal. And I smelled of peppermint, rather than just being 'Minty'.

Now I know that my personal experiences are not scientific proof, but certainly I do feel better for making the switch. You don't need to take my word for it, you can read more here :

.Or even try yourself. You can order Soothicity's Natural Tea Tree and Peppermint Deodorant by clicking on the image below.

With best regards


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