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Ever wanted to remain face up for your massage?

What is Hydrotherm Massage and how does it differ from conventional massage ?

This is a question I often get asked along with how can it help with Massage for people with Pregnancy, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis so I thought I would explain it in a bit more detail:

Hydrotherm 3-dimensional system was the brainchild of British sports and remedial therapist John Holman. Hydrotherm is generally acknowledged as the World’s first truly 3-dimensional massage system.

Two warm water cushions support every client in perfect spinal alignment and Hydrotherm is perfect for every phase of life too. Expectant mums, baby massage, perfect for those who are physically active or who lead busy lives and need time to relax away from everything. We have not forgotten those who are of a more mature age either as Hydrotherm can be experienced in your eighties, nineties and beyond. Our new Hydrotherm Tranquil Sea is suitable for those who are undergoing treatment for Cancer as well.

Hydrotherm offers numerous benefits for clients as the entire treatment is carried out with the client lain only upon their backs! No uncomfortable face holes or cricked necks, no need to turn over during treatment either. Just lay there and relax as your therapist gives you one of the best massage experiences in the world today.

*** Soothicity offers this as a Salon Only Massage

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