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Employee wellness is business happiness

Anyone has ever employed someone, managed or directed a workforce can tell you – maintaining motivation and engagement in that workforce is the hardest part. For those of us who are self-employed, it can be difficult not to feel guilty when we’re not engaged with our business 100%. But there’s always a reason for that disengagement, and where there’s a cause there is a solution.

Fatigue, exhaustion and lethargy are often linked to muscular tension. If you’re sitting at your desk all day, your muscles are stuck in one or two positions and this means they can get tight and uncomfortable.

If you’re sitting at your desk all day every day, without regular walks, stretches or help, your work is punishing your body and it’ll start to really hurt. Whilst this problem might be obvious to you, our suggestion of a workplace massage might seem a little left field. Although companies across the globe are taking advantage of in-office massages, the UK hasn’t reaped the benefits yet. By offering your employees a workplace massage, you could be doing more than benefiting your business.

Corporate massages, workplace or office massages are perks recognised and praised by employees of companies, from independent traders to companies as large as Google. There are numerous benefits for the individual and the workforce as a whole, such as:

· Reducing stress and decreasing anxiety

· Decreasing depression

· Relieving muscle tension, and pain

· Decreasing headaches and low blood pressure

· Prevents workplace repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis

· Increases motivation, focus and, mental clarity

CareerBuilder.Com noted that it’s no coincidence that companies such as Activision, Cisco and Scripps Health all offer on-site massages, and all made Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to work for. As Richard Branson said, ‘happy employees equal happy customers.’ Rather than assuming a massage at work is ‘frivolous’ or a ‘waste of time’, consider the benefits we’ve mentioned, and the massage as an investment in your employees’ health.

Twenty minutes of an onsite massage allows your employees to indulge in the benefits of a chair massage, within the comfort and convenience of their workplace. No need for travel, no fears about inaccessibility. You can be assured of our expertise and flexibility. Different techniques can be used depending on need, and these massages are carried out over clothes – this is your place of work after all.

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