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Massage to alleviate pain during pregnancy?

In a previous blog, we discussed the main areas you might experience pain whilst you’re pregnant - but just to recap: your back, abdomen, groin area, and thighs are the main casualties. But pain isn’t, and shouldn’t, be a part of your daily life and a regular massage appointment can reduce pain in those areas.

The benefits of a massage are split into two categories: the physical benefits, and the emotional benefits. Prenatal massage promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and promotes bonding. Touch is an important sense to a developing baby, and they can feel the difference between a relaxed and stressed body. They can often feel the massage when focused on the abdomen. It can be quite an intimate thing and something you and your partner can share as the baby grows.

Regular massage can also improve muscular discomforts such as leg cramps, muscle stiffness, and knots, improve circulation and blood flow, and improve muscular imbalance. Do you find yourself leaning to one side more than the other? It can be as small as always resting your right hand on your hip as you walk. Your body is trying to support additional weight, and your muscles need time to develop the strength to do so. We end up compensating in awkward positions that do more harm in the long run. A regular massage releases the tension in those muscles, allowing your body to return to a better balanced position, whilst also increasing the blood flow into the muscles.

Of course, the massage benefits during pregnancy do not stop there. Muscle spasms, Sciatic pain, constipation, headaches, and sinus pain are all caused by tension and chemical hormonal changes happening in your body. Swelling and extra pressure your uterus places on your legs can lead to swelling in your feet and ankles. Massage helps with releasing that tension, helping with circulation, and relaxing through massage on a regular basis will help those affected areas. Reducing swelling and pain. Everyone experiences these pains differently and, for some, the pain can be quite debilitating. This is where the Hydrotherm massage comes in.

Hydrotherm is a company that created water filled cushions which are heated, relaxing the muscles in your back just from laying on them. If you have mobility problems, disabilities or you’re struggling to move due to pregnancy, the heat pads will help slowly warm the muscles and allow them to relax. The cushions warm to a ‘cosy 38°C’ and beneficial for neck pain, lower-back aches, and stiff muscles. The cushions are filled with water, designed to distribute your weight, and create the perfect spinal alignment. Releasing tension in your joints by keeping them supported.

We appreciate there may be certain areas you don’t want us to touch, or that you don’t feel comfortable about. We always insist on a pre-massage discussion about what you’re hoping to get out of regular massages and what areas you’d like to work on specifically. This is not an ‘overnight’ miracle cure, but an effective way of dealing with the pain and preventing further discomfort in the future, and we’re ready to help in any way we can!

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