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Combating Stress, One Massage at a Time

It’s scary to think how we, as a generation, suffer from more stress, depression, and anxiety than any generation before. Did you realise 22 people in the UK search the word ‘stress’ every minute. That’s over thirty-one thousand people searching for solutions to ‘stress’ every day. But what is stress? And can it be overcome?

Stress is the body’s natural reaction to harmful situations. It’s the ‘fight or flight’ response, where your heart rate increases, breathing quickens and muscles tighten. Your body is preparing to act, as a means of protection. However, your body is only reacting to stimuli processed by the brain. So, if the brain perceives a threat or problem when there isn’t one, your body will react with the stress response anyway. For example, you’re late to work. You know you’re going to get into trouble, so your body prepares for that. But this might then flood over into other areas of your life where ‘being late’ is a trigger for stress, until you’re constantly on edge when travelling.

Similarly, anxiety starts as a reminder ‘turn the oven off’ when you leave the house. But can then develop into a sickening pressure that something will go horribly wrong if you don’t check the oven again and again. It makes it difficult for people to sympathise or empathise with stress-related illnesses, as what might be stressful for one person might not be for the next.

But the great thing about the brain is that it can adapt, learn and change when given the proper time and space to do so. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your ‘stressful’ job, run away or hide. It means taking steps to manage the impact those stressors have on you. If you’ve read any of our previous blogs, you know that massage in any form relaxes the muscles and the mind. There are many types of massage, so we can tailor your experience to suit your preferences and needs. An hour out of your day is a small sacrifice for the peace of mind you’ll gain from a little self-care. We can help you practice deep breathing; help alleviate pain and provide regular relaxation so that you can deal with stress, in all its forms, on your own terms.

Don’t suffer in silence, and don’t let stress beat you down. Contact us today and we’ll help you combat those stressors and relax your body and mind.

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