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Massage at home is only available within 10miles of CT17 Dover.

We reserve the right to cancel the visit should there be no nearby parking and/or easy access and/or space for the massage table. We reserve the right to withdraw our services to clients, subject to but not limited to : 
unavailability of free suitable and legal parking space, 
excessive distance between the vehicle offload point and final destination, including any requirement or expectation to climb stairs or negotiate physical obstacles.

Doors should be left open for easy access.

Please ensure that there is sufficient space for a massage table (9 ft by 6ft) and that there is space cleared for the table so that we can avoid touching your furniture.

You can have music playing for your session, should you wish.

Please let us know if there are nearby handwashing facilities, we will also have our own hand sanitizer.


Please ensure that pets are controlled and kept away from the treatment area as we supply all equipment necessary for the massage and we use disinfectants that may be harmful if swallowed by your pets.

All bedding we use is sterilized and for single use only and we cannot provide extra blankets, however, we are happy to use your own additional blankets if you wish.

Please allow us time to set up/take down the equipment and clean the area. We provide our own cleaning supplies.

Windows should be opened before and after the session to allow airflow and ventilation.

Payment can be made in cash however we will not have change, so ensure you have exact money.

We will also accept card payments using our card machine or we can issue an invoice for payment.

Massage therapy is for the purpose of stress reduction, relief from muscular tension, and may offer temporary relief from pain and/or may be helpful in relieving insomnia.  The massage therapist cannot diagnose any physical or mental illness.  Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment.  It is your responsibility to see a physician for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of any physical or mental ailment you may have.

This is a strictly therapeutic massage.

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