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Bees at Work


Massage can help soothe away or reduce minor muscles aches and pains and help you cope with mental stress.  Studies have shown that Employers who care about their staff and provide services which encourage a healthier lifestyle have employees who are motivated and engaged during work hours.  People who feel appreciated and happy are committed and loyal and this will boost morale within the company.

Massage is done on the premises with a specialised massage chair  or massage couch if space allows so there is minimal disruption to their work day and offers a quick ‘feel good factor', which, will boost team energy levels. 

We offer 4 hour slots only

Monday - Saturday

staff discounts

Employees who spend a lot of their days seated at a desk on a computer or in one position for a few hours like driving or standing on their feet all day will have additional physical stress on their bodies as well as mental stress from having to concentrate all the time. 

Soothicity also offers corporate discounts for employees of larger companies to have a massage in the comfort of their home, subject to availability and distance.


Companies currently registered for discounts  *:


Saga Group PLC

Blue Light Card Members

*Distance limitations apply

Back Pain
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