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Sports Massage vs Holistic Massage

One thing that is apparent amongst the Massage Therapy community, is that many people don't understand the different types of massage. There are many different types of massage for many different purposes, much the same way we have many different types of vehicles for different uses. For example, you wouldn't buy a scooter to take your family on holiday, likewise, you don't expect your favorite takeaway to arrive in an articulated lorry.

SPORTS MASSAGE (What is it good for?)

If you have a soft-tissue injury sports massage can help. Soft tissue means muscles, tendons and ligaments and the fascia that surrounds them. The injury might be acute. Acute means that it happened recently.

In this case, the therapist will probably have to treat around the injury to speed its recovery and correct any imbalances that may have exacerbated it and also advise the best self-help.

The injury may be chronic. Chronic means that it has been bothering you for quite a time; this may be weeks, months or even years. The injury or pain may have just gradually got worse or originated from an old acute injury that was never treated properly at the time. In this case, the therapist will treat the injury area directly as well as the area that is adjacent.

Particular injuries may be pulled muscles, sprained ankles, strained backs, or sciatica. Whiplash type pain, one-sided tension and muscle spasm can also be treated along with shoulder cuff problems and anything of this nature.

Sports massage is really good when the injury has just occurred as it works on ligaments and tendons and the surrounding muscle groups. Sports Massage is especially helpful after pulled a muscle in the shoulder as a Sports massage helps to release the nerves in the shoulders and neck, which can become trapped due to the use of the muscles constantly.


Soothicity Massage therapy provides holistic massage. We massage the muscles and by doing this we work on the nervous system. We massage all the muscles and not just the areas of concern, we look at how the body moves or doesn't move and which muscles affect the area of concern and adapt the massage to provide you with relaxation.

By working the body as a whole or individual problem area we promote a sense well-being and relaxation. Studies have shown that regular Holistic Therapeutic Massage can be an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension; as well as improving circulation and mobility. Holistic Massage by reducing the effects of stress can aid sleep, which is an important part of the body's self-healing process, but it is not a complete treatment in itself; much in the same way that a 'Hot Lemon' will not cure a common cold, it does allow you to cope with the symptoms better while your body does what it needs to heal.

During the massage itself, the body reacts with increased circulation, this can help the body to cleanse itself of impurities, which is why it is important to re-hydrate after a massage to replenish any water that the body will lose cleansing the kidneys.

We cannot DIAGNOSE issues or work on issues that are outside our scope of practice such as torn ligaments or tendons, etc.

If you feel that a Holistic Massage is for you, you can find out more on our Website and selecting "Treatments", or you can click straight through to our Bookings page to book directly online.


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